Welcome to Precision Shipwright, the most reliable repair and refit facility for your yacht, boat or vessel in Thailand
Precision Shipwright in Phuket Tailand for refit or repair of your yacht, boat or vessel. Spraypainting, new rigging or structural modifications it's all possible at our boat yard.
Painting, fairing and varnishing of your yacht in Phuket. Custom shrink wrap for larger vessels and super yachts. Optimal application conditions year round.
Precision Shipwright in Phuket for marine carpentry and woodwork for teak deck, all veneers, furniture and flooring. All Burmese teak of highest quality for your yacht or boat
Fiberglass modifications and repairs at our boat yard in Phuket, Thailand. Cockpit extensions, osmosis treatment, composite constructions and hard tops. At Precision we will take care of it to the highest possible specifications.
Precisions works together with top naval architects for realising your dream yacht. Also custom-built components to your personal requirements.
Precision yacht rigging services in Phuket can deliver complete or partial rigging replacement. We do over 100 rigs each year. Formal rigging inspection available for your boat. Custom spar and part fabrication.
Precision in Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket available for architectural ballustrading
Stainless steel, aluminium or any other metal, the engineers of Precision Shipwright in Phuket can do all modifications and extensions to your yacht, boat or vessel. New construction or design available like cockpit and transom extensions. Repair and refit in all materials.