Architectural Ballustrading

Precision Shipwright Services and sister company East Marine have been actively involved in architectural rigging in Phuket since 2001: ballustrading, swimming pools, stairways, railings, frames for shade cloths and more. We specialize in the design and installation of appealing, long lasting and low visual impact solutions to your individual requirements where both aesthetics and safety are priority. Our experience with stainless steel on yachts and superyachts has taught us the importance of using only the best materials to give you this low maintenance, long-life solution for safe movement in often dangerous areas of your property.

• structural strength with decorative design
• visually appealing
• withstands harsh sea-air environment
• fresh, modern look
• low visual impact in special areas
• long lasting, low maintenance

All stainless steel wire and fittings are made from the highest quality marine grade 316 steel requiring almost no maintenance.