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April 2013
Projects finished
Precision Shipwright has been again very busy improving yachts over the past period. As always the work done was to the full satisfaction of the owners.
An almost complete refit was done on the Swan 52, Audrina 2 while Elevation got a new hardtop bimini with stainless steel solar panel frame. On Kanaloa (an Oyster 55) a re-caulk of the teak decking, an osmosis treatment and a respray of topsides and painted deck took place. Lara Pinta, a Sovereign 51 received an extensive refit inclusding a new teak deck. The Pershing 80 MY Mantra received quite a few repairs on hull and superstructure.
Oct. 2012
Airbag Lift System
Because the average cruising yacht is bigger today than 10 years ago and many yachts have deep keels, we are working on a way of lifting them with air bags to enable them to come into the restricted depth of the Boat Lagoon entrance channel; the vessel is lifted with airbags strapped under the hull thus reducing their draft. We have 10 cylindrical airbags 1.5M long by 80cm diameter, with a lifting capacity of 760Kgs each. We will use as many as each job requires. No more will our customer's movements be tied to the tide. Testing begins this month.
May 2012
New Precision workshop in Krabi
With the development of marine facilities in Krabi and the completion of the new Krabi Boat Lagoon Marina, Precision and East Marine have decided to open a new workshop / chandlery in Krabi Boat Lagoon.

The Precision workshop in Krabi is offering rigging services, light maintenance and repair jobs and anti-fouling. The chandlery shop (although smaller in size) offers the same service and product range as the East Marine chandlery in Phuket, Boat Lagoon. There is a quick delivery service from Phuket for any items that are not in stock in Krabi.

Customers can expect the same service levels and we look forward to seeing you in Krabi!
May. 2012
Mobile painting shelter ready
In order to cater to even more yachts, a mobile painting shelter has been constructed at Precision Shipwright Services. The initial
xcvxcvdimensions are 20 m long, 9 m wide, 7.5 m high and even further extendible in the future. The shelter offers yacht owners improved spray painting options year round. It fits inside the main painting facility as sealable paint cover for yachts in the factory, to protect the painting activities from other work going on in the factory.
The main advantages over other types of tents on the market are obvious. Structurally stronger, safer to work in, better working conditions, better quality of work, and quickly employed (it can seal a yacht on the outside hardstand within 15 minutes).
Jan. 2012
New Powercat L1000 FOR SALE
A 10 meter composite power cat, designed by Albatross Marine Design, is under construction at the boatyard of Precision Shipwright. The design offers great versatility allowing the owner to see personal requirements met in the yacht. There is an option for up to three separate cabins and the power options range from outboards to inboard shaft drive, depending on cruising plans. The L1000 is now up for sale! For more information see this page or you can contact Precision directly.
Nov. 2011
Developing unique flotation system

Precision Shipwright Services has started work on developing a vessel flotation system. Its main purpose being to reduce the draft of vessels up to 50 tons by up to 50 cm. For lighter boats the draught can even be reduced by up to 80 cm. This floating system will allow boats more flexibility in entering and leaving the Phuket Boat Lagoon.
The system is now under construction and will be ready in three to four months.
Sept. 2011
Painting on location in Hong Kong
SY Sunshine was originally re-painted at Precision at the end of 2010. The large sailing yacht was damaged during haul-out in Hong Kong and wear and tear on the paintwork due to dinghies, moorings, etc. The owner asked Precision to come out to do the fairing and painting. The job took 4 days. With Precision in Hong Kong the owner of SY Moonblue II (the yacht being damaged by a dredging barge) requested Precision services for fairing and painting of the damaged hull parts. After 2 days of touch-up work on Moonblue II the owner was very content with the invisible repair.
Precisions MD Scott Bradley flew to Hongkong with all the handheld equipment and spray guns to accomodate these yachts. This is done as a service to existing clients and not a regular business activity.
May 2011
SY La Cardinala leaves Precision
During the winter period of 2011 La Cardinala (a 75 ft Vallicelli) was in Phuket for a complete refit. At the boatyard of Precision Shipwright Services Scott Bradley and his team worked relentlessly for four months on every detail of La Cardinala. The launch in May showed a very happy owner and a yacht that looked better than new! Many crucial parts of the yacht were replaced or painted: a brand new teak deck, a new navy blue colour, mast & new rigging, new mechanical and electric systems, and many things more. The interior got some redesign and new varnishing too without changing the warm and intimate atmosphere for which La Cardinala is famous.
For more information click here
Sept. 2011
Stocking up: new teak arrived
New high quality 'quarter sawn" teak has arrived at the Precision premises, estimated at market price of 3 million baht. All teak is bought under license. We source our teak independently, selecting only logs that meet our high standards and specifications. Our logs are then converted into rough-sawn timbers and boards to our precise cut schedules.
Short news items

August 2012 SY Kanaloa, an Oyster 55' left our factory. The teak decks were recaulked, the topsides, mast and cockpit area were repainted, a new teak toerail was fitted, new synthetic lifelines were installed and a thousand other little jobs were taken care of to make her a like-new yacht again.

June 2012 Goodbye to SY Lara Pinta, a Sovereign 51', after a complete overhaul including hull, deck and mast repainting, main cabin modifications, new plumbing and electrical systems, fridge work, new acrylic windows and complete running rigging replacement with high tech lines.

Feb. 2012 SY Audrina II leaves the yard after receiving a full respray, a new teak deck, various stainless steel work and interior improvements.

Nov. 2011 Inspection of MV Mantra, an 80ft Pershing, in Singapore for a future complete respray and paint.

Oct. 2011 SY Audrina II back in the yard for a repaint and new teak deck.

Oct. 2011 Visit from Anthony Basilone from ATL composites, supplier of DUFLEX, WEST SYSTEM and many other premier brands products.