Precision Boatyard

Precision Shipwright Services has it's facilities in Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina in Phuket, Thailand. With a total of 950 sqm indoor factory and workshops, additional outdoor work areas on hard stand with a new mobile painting cover (or custom made yacht covers), Precision offers the highest possible quality of work with ample space for yachts up to 80 tons.

Main highlights of Precision Shipwright facilities
• modern equipment for all services • own stainless steel workshop
• year-round working conditions • max. lift capacity: 80 tons
• clean and secure storage • max length inside Precision factory: 100 ft
• safe and efficient working environment • mobile painting shelter: 20 m + extendable *
• 24 hr Boat Lagoon security • max depth Boat Lagoon channel: 3.2 m **
• own carpentry workshop • great coffees and food in Tyra Coffee Shop
• own rigging workshop  
* The shelter offers yacht owners improved spray painting options year round. The initial
dimensions are 20 m long, 9 m wide, 7.5 m high but the cover will be extendable in the near future. Click here for more information

** A new flotation system is in development to lift yachts with a draught of up to 4.0 m (depending on displacement of the vessel). Click here for more information

Working on location

Precision Shipwright Services also offers work on location. With our mobile equipment and a custom-built paint cover we provide painting and fiberglass services on any location. We have already worked at several shipyards in Bangkok, Phuket and Hongkong.

A closer look at our facilities

steel factory3 factory2 factory1 main1 main2 tyra chandlery1 chandlery2 out1 out2 office rigging workshop carpentry1 carpentry2 carpentry3 carpentry4 common1 common2 common3 common4 common5 storeroom